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Want a similar webpage for yourself?

3 minute read


        During my “first” friendly yet long encounter with html scripts, I often asked myself: “Why endure this long fight?”. Every time, I shyly answered: To make someone’s long fight short. For not fooling myself, or along the first principle of Ricahrd Feynman that you must not fool yourself – and you are the easiest person to fool., a blog post is born – to help you with your website. For those who are going ahead, wish you a Happy Website building! All are welcome.

Time pass


1 minute read


        Remember a time you enjoyed rain – it merrily coming from a distant, bringing the smell of sand; trees dancing to its beat, kids escaping from their mother’s clutch; the bonding we feel with nature. I sometimes ask myself: When did we miss this? Today, in the backdrop of floods, land-slides, and other disasters, when rain comes, all I see is fear looming in each and every eyes; wondering of floods, abandoned homes, dear ones lost, …. Where did we went wrong? Do we want to instill the same fear for the generations to come? So, this is my brick! Welcome all.