Lectured on various topics in Deep Learning

Lab Talk, IIT Madras, EE Dept., 2015

This Lecture Series started at a time when Deep Learning was taking off, and it aims to explain the (then) emerging field of Deep Learning for the (then) members of Image Processing and Computer Vision Lab and Computational Imaging Lab, headed by Prof. A. N. Rajagopalan and Prof. Kaushik Mitra, respectively.
                Here, the first lecture introduces Deep Learning (L1), later, followed by a doubt-clearing session (L1.1). Lecture 2 covers Convolutional Neural Network (L2), and Lecture 3 provides a mathematical interpretation of Deep Learning; O Lost! This series is concluded with Lecture 4, which discusses several Deep Learning approaches for Image Processing. [Slides-L1] [Slides-L1.1] [Slides-L2] [Slides-L3] [Slides-L4]